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Benefits Of Language Immersion Preschool For Your Child

Programs abound in many languages, from Spanish and French to Korean and Mandarin. And while it might seem intense, teaching a toddler to be a dual language speaker is easier and provides a ton of benefits. While at first, it might seem counterintuitive to teach a little kid a second language when they’ve not yet mastered their first, learning new languages at an early age is actually effortless for children. This article by Jenny Heitz at outlines many salient points on language acquisition for young children.

According to the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C -- Learning a language at an early age enhances children’s brain development, expands their cultural awareness, helps them think more flexibly, and has many other long-term benefits well into adulthood.

Bilingual children outperform monolingual kids in problem-solving, pattern recognition and divergent thinking. Providing an opportunity for children to acquire a foreign language on a native speaker level is truly a gift for a lifetime.

by Jenny Heitz, Parentology

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