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Rainbow Chicks

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Many of our families want to utilize their children's limited screen time on language learning. We will be publishing a blog series on show suggestions for your little ones. Stay tuned!

小鸡彩虹 Rainbow Chicks

Suitable ages: 1-5

Length per episode: 5 to 8 minutes

Main content: In a place called Yundao (the Cloud Island), there are seven cute chicks who are friends. The chicks have different personalities and each represent a color of the rainbow. For example, Xiao Hong (Little Red), who is three years old, is very curious and loves to ask questions. The chicks love to explore together, they are compassionate and like to share. This show focuses on the concept of friendship, helping others, teamwork and empathy.

Comments from Xiao Laoshi:

Rainbow Chicks is a great cartoon that I personally love. The chicks are so cute and fluffy and I just can’t resist looking at them! Since this cartoon series is made by a Chinese production company, the language in the script is very authentic. Each episode of Rainbow Chicks evolves around themes that happen in every little one’s daily life. Don’t know how to say colors of the rainbow in Mandarin? Don’t worry! You will get them once you remember the seven chicks’ names! Lastly, at the end of each episode, there is a short dance that matches the theme of the episode. The dance movements and melody are suitable for children to imitate so that children can learn quickly in a relatively short period of time.

Links to episodes

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