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How to Make a Meditation Jar

Many parents want to teach their kids mindfulness and meditation. This project is fantastic for teaching kids meditation or just calming them down. This tool can help children and adults relax, focus, and reduce tension and anxiety. It's a terrific craft for your youngster or teen to make their own glitter jar. We've included instructions on how to use your relaxation jar to teach kids to meditate. Be sure to glue the cap with hot or super glue.

Here are 4 of our students’ favorite one-ingredient bottles:

A. Water Beads Calm Down Bottle


- 1 a cup of ocean-colored water beads. These beads are tiny and come in a very small bag.


1. Just soak them overnight in water and watch them expand.

2. Put the soaked beads into a Voss water bottle (available at most grocery stores) with a little bit of water.

3. The awesome thing about this bottle is that the beads in the water blend right in to create a colored water effect.

B. Rainbow Loom Band Bottle

1. Gather some rainbow loom bands and place them in a bottle of water or baby oil.

2. They are slow sinkers that dance around in a neat pattern when the bottle is shaken and swirled.

C. Magnetic Calm Down Bottle

Just fill a bottle with paper clips and water

D. Pony Beads Bottle

Fill your discovery bottle halfway with clear pony beads. The kids can shake them, swirl them, flip them upside down, and watch the beads move through the water.

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