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What is Freedom Within Limits?

What are the Limits of a Montessori Classroom?

There are three ground rules of the Montessori classroom:

1. Respect for oneself- In the context of a Montessori classroom, this means teaching students how to work safely and efficiently. If a child has been shown a demonstration of the activity and knows how to use the materials respectfully to avoid self-harm, he or she is free to engage in any activity he or she desires.

2. Respect for others - Students must treat each other with respect in the classroom. To show respect for others, one must have social skills and behave appropriately. Children can work alone or in small groups; however, they must be invited to work with another child and must not interfere with his or her work.

3. Respect for the environment - Respect for the environment refers to the proper care for everything in the Montessori classroom. This includes using the Montessori materials correctly, putting them away, and taking care of all living and nonliving things in the environment.

What about freedom in the Montessori Environment?

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Freedom of Time

  • Freedom to Repeat

  • Freedom to Communicate

  • Freedom to Make Mistakes

How Does Freedom Within Limits Benefit a Child?

Students learn that freedom is defined as the ability to choose what is best for themselves and others. They also learn how to be independent, confident learners who follow the rules of their classroom when exercising their freedom. Children learn to become respectful members of their classroom community all the while self motivate to learn about

the world around them.

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