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Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

Play is a crucial part of a child's development and a time for them to decompress from their day/week so they can come to school refreshed and ready to learn. While in school, we teach children the Montessori curriculum, which provides a rigorous spiral academic program where children learn complex knowledge in mathematics, language, global culture, sensorial independence and everyday living. This rigorous program prepares them for elementary school and nurtures children's natural drive to learn. So when your child goes home, simply engage them in play. Play comes in many forms. Engaged play with an adult helps a child feel loved; playground play builds gross motor skills; peer play helps with social emotional learning; and independent play provides time to decompress from the day. Whatever the type of play you provide, play time is crucial to helping your child learn at school!

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

  1. Children learn through their play

  2. Play is healthy.

  3. Play reduces stress.

  4. Play is more than meets the eye.

  5. Make time for play.

  6. Play and learning go hand-in-hand.

  7. Play outside.

  8. There’s a lot to learn about play.

  9. Trust your own playful instincts.

  10. Play is a child’s context for learning.

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