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Raising Independent Children

A young child is growing up and gaining independence. "I'm capable of doing it on my own."

“Any unnecessary help is actually a hindrance to a child's development.” Maria Montessori

Independent children have the freedom to grow and learn at their own pace. They are given guidance in what they should do next by being offered meaningful activities, as well as trust that parents will always be available if needed. This m discussion covers how independent kids differ from contingent ones but also stresses some similarities between them both having strengths and weaknesses.

Ideas for Home

  1. Provide a clothing hamper for the child.

  2. Allow the child to set and clear the table.

  3. Snacks should be easily accessible on lower shelves.

  4. Allow a child to sort and store silverware.

  5. Allow a child to fold napkins and washcloths.

  6. Allow a child to assist in food preparation

  7. Allow a child to dust (with a feather duster) and vacuum (rug sweeper, Swiffer)

  8. Vacuum (rug sweeper, Swiffer)

  9. Provide a low-hanging hook for children's coats.

  10. Allow a child to take part in your celebrations.

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