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Montessori Method: Should We Talk About a Montessori Mafia?

The educational theory of Maria Montessori from the last century is definitely on the rise these days, so one has to wonder. What is so extraordinary about this method and why do we feel driven back to it today?

Maria Montessori structured her thought, materials, furnishings and the role of the educator from the scientific observation of the child. For this reason, it is easy to find confirmation in the validity of her solutions.

For example, in the first six years of life, according to her theories, the child has an “absorbent mind”, used to quickly gather information and understand their environment and their role in it.

Later on, with technology advancement, synaptogenesis was discovered, and the peak of this incredible process was recognized in the first 4-6 years of life.

In the first years of a child’s life, a well-prepared environment, an aware adult, and suitable material to “play” with, are all that it takes to put a child’s amazing capabilities to good use.

by Cristina Salvatori, Europass Teacher Academy

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